15 INCH Inner Rims

15 INCH Inner Rims
15 INCH Inner Rims

Our 15“ rims can be made to fit a variety of manufacturers, please see below which ones you can buy to order. If you have different variations or would like information before ordering, please contact us at info@mb-racingwheels.com

Rims can be ordered without centres. If you wish for a three piece wheel then go to our centres or bespoke pages, where you will find information to support this.


  • MB standard Fitting – 273mm Bore 288mm PCD 20 x 6 or 8mm bolts
  • BBS – 270mm bore 288mm PCD 16 x 6mm bolts
  • Revolution & Compomotive – 284.5mm Bore 304.8mm PCD 20 & 30 x 6 or 7mm bolts
  • Other (fill in bespoke order form)

Download the full 15" price list here

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For best practices for Protection and Maintenance checkout our care pages:

Protection and Maintenance 3 piece wheel maintenance. Rechromating old castings