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Protection and Maintenance of Magnesium Castings

Protection and Maintenance of Magnesium Castings

The main thing to remember about Magnesium is to prevent the atmosphere from coming into contact with bare metal especially in the presence of moisture.

A white ‘fur’ or ‘spots’ shows that the surface  protection has broken down and the metal is oxidising.

The minimum temporary protection is to give the area a liberal coating of a water displacing fluid (WD40,Duckhams ‘Duck oil’ or similar product) to the casting rubbed in with a rag or brush.

Paint protection is needed as soon as possible but should only be applied to a chromated surface. Chromating is a chemical treatment to neutralise the surface of the bare magnesium casting from atmospheric attack, and provide for a good adhesion of paints or resins.

Chromating should not be considered as having a protective value in its own right, it’s only the first stage of the protection process.